Softek Encourages The Power Of Giving
Seamlessly Help Others with Digital Donations

The Digital Donations™ program is an interactive fundraising technology that integrates with your existing POS processing system or e-commerce, thus allowing merchants to market their business in a new and unique way. Our fundraising technology allows all types of merchants to automate the giving process by including donation request, collection and payment of donations to the charity and providing real time rewards and loyalty programs for donors.

Acquiring Benefits

  • Enhanced revenue opportunities
  • Retention of existing merchants
  • Expand new business offerings
  • Create additional referral opportunities through local charities
  • Support provided by Digital Donations

Merchant Benefits

  • Drives donor participation of supported charities and foundations while increasing customer awareness through cause marketing
  • Increases customer awareness and allows for continuity with the merchant’s present marketing and advertising efforts
  • Assists in consumer retention and drives new business
  • Builds long-term consumer relationships
  • Delivers real-time electronic promotions that awards custom incentives instantly at the point-of-sale to the consumer
  • Automates fundraising, collection and payment to various charities