About Softek Merchant Services

Softek’s Merchant Services Division, better known as Softek MS, has more than 5 years of experience in the financial market, developing innovative solutions with applied technology to facilitate, attract and retain client’s operational capital.  Softek MS offers a gamut of processing payment solutions and products, caring for each industry’s needs (retail businesses, wholesale businesses, restaurants, supermarkets, service industries, electronic commerce, government, and mobile businesses, among others.)

Softek Merchant Services offers payment alternatives through:

Softek, was ranked as the first leading information systems consulting firm. Listed according to Revenue from Information Systems Consulting Services in 2012
Caribbean Business

Company Philosophy

Softek’s strategy for software development is to strive for Customer Satisfaction, Built-in Quality, and Continuous Improvement. As a company of software professionals, Softek incorporates into all of its services high standards of skill and knowledge, a confidential relationship with all clients, and strict ethical values.

Client Distribution Profile

Softek Merchant Services largest client base is from the following business areas: Restaurant Sector (45%) and Retail Sector (44%). Other Merchant types include Transportation, Hospitals, Telephone and Mail Order (11%).

Staff Proficiency

Each staff member engaged in any company function shall have the education, training, and experience, or any combination thereof, to perform functions. All of our staff members are trained in their area and function to provide the best quality of customer service.