Prepaid Visa and MasterCards:
Debit Card solutions without the need of a bank.

Softek developed a cost-effective and convenient Pre-paid Cards solution for clients that do not enjoy a business relationship with a bank. Softek’s Pre-paid VISA or MasterCard solution contributes to more efficient business procedures for handling payments, internal administration and financial benefits payments. As part of this solution, Softek includes implementation and maintenance support services.

Benefits of  using Softek’s platforms and solutions are:

Totally Integrated Solution: Provides handling of cards, financing options, fraud prevention, supports to achieve and maintain compliance, web-based administration and cardholder’s services; all in just one solution.

Internally Developed Platform: Based on the pre-paid platform’s flexibility, Softek is able to help implement multiple personalized programs that make one solution different from another, thus creating new opportunities to remain competitive.

Support Services: Softek provides support personnel specialized in the pre-paid industry to assist with implementation, answer questions and support card owners.

Security: As one of the safest companies compliant with pre-paid solutions’ field, Softek offers an internal, personalized platform that meets PCI and SAS70’s certifications and regulations.