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Customer satisfaction is a key factor to Softek Merchant Services’ success. Thus, our Customer Service team consists of highly qualified and experienced product experts that are available –just a call away– to assist you. Our Service Team’s goal is to understand your business needs, provide quick responses and resolutions, and ensure that all inquiries are fulfilled to satisfaction.

Anytime Support Access

Since each customer has unique needs and every service request is important to us, Softek provides 24/7 Customer Service with access- anytime and anywhere- to our assistance and expertise. Our commitment is to provide the best service and be an extension of your business team.

Undiffused and Complete Service

Softek’s headquarters proudly serves Softek Merchant’s customer base. Our own personnel provide support from a single central location, allowing us to manage all inquiries in strict confidentiality, to streamline customer support effectively and to expedite answers and resolutions. We will serve as your liaison at all times with the credit card associations and work together with them to provide the fastest and best service possible.

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