Softek Financial provides a built-in cash dispenser and kiosk solution supporting a broad range of transactions and functions, such as:


  • Guaranteed Lowest Total Processing Costs
  • Accept any form of payment (all major cards, including Visa, MC, Discover and American Express, debit
  • card, EBT cards  and ACH payments.
  • Virtual terminal and payment gateway technology with integration capability with multiple processing platforms
  • Statistics show that 68% of consumers utilizing an ATM machine will spend a portion of the withdrawal at the ATM merchant location
  • Scheduled Assessments to the network to guarantee quality of service and the general network results
  • Immediately increase foot traffic
  • Increase of sales
  • Sponsorship and Operation of Third Party ATMs
  • Presence of the ATM is hugely convenient and is appreciated as a helpful service from merchant to customer.
  • With the merchant processing fees ever growing on credit card payments. By having the customer utilize the ATM machine, the transaction fees are paid by the customer as opposed to the merchant.
  • Added convenience, when you handle the cash yourself, you’ll save a trip the bank, and avoid the exposure to risk of carrying cash on the street.
  • Traditionally the cost involved in setting up is anywhere between 6.5k and 10k (depending on model and installation location), and monthly expense can easily run up to 1,500. But with Softek we pay for these expenses, and you just enjoy the benefits without the huge investment and ongoing expenses.
  • Gain a monetary profit from the ATM Machine transactions.
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